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The most popular Thai magazine in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering. Technic Magazine is printed in Thailand and distributed throughout Thailand since 1984.


To give the knowledge to engineers and technicians on the application of engineering knowledge at work as well as information of new technology. Moreover, there are many products advertised in Technic Magazine which is the source of information for engineers, technicians and purchasing officers to select the appropriate products.


The articles are consisting of basic knowledge and application of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Thermal Engineering, Computer Application, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, etc. Information on industry, new technology, new products and services which are provided in Thailand.

Magazine size

21 x 29 cm.

Magazine thickness

about 300 pages

Number of issues per year

13 issues


50 Baht


Editor talk, Technic digest, Technic around the world, Material handling technolgy, News, Safety handling hazadeous material, Vacuum pump technology, Suggested book, Seminar and exhibition calendar, New products.


40.76 % : Factory manager, Owner
20.54 % : Technician
20.12 % : Engineer
10.15 % : Purchasing department
  7.70 % : Teacher, Lecturer, Academician, Officer
  0.73 % : Student

Target Advertisers

Suppliers of tools, equipment, machines and consumable products as well as engineering services suppliers.

Special issue

Directory of companies, products and articles in Technic Magazine each year is summarized and published in our special issue once a year around March each year.

Special Activity

To be appointed as official Magazine for several major exhibitions, ie, Intermach Exhibition, Elenex Thailand, World of Technology, Pump and Valve, etc.

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